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Sheet Metal

Residential Air Distribution Systems

If you specialize in residential duct system design for perimeter heating systems, B&B Trade will satisfy all your sheet metal needs:

  • Widths 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″.
  • Lengths of 96″ and 120″
  • 26 gauge through 30 gauge.
  • We can supply custom metal blanking if needed.
  • We carry perimeter dampers, boots, fittings, perimeter elbows, stack duct as well as drive and s cleats.

B & B can also supply sheet metal equipment complimented by a full line of duct hardware sheet metal screws and duct connector. To terminate your perimeter systems we have a full line of residential grills and diffusers in metal or coloured plastic.

  • Dayus Registers
  • Imperial Register
  • DuroDyne Duct Connector